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If You Fail to Plan

What I'm Watching

Well, Game of Thrones is over. I really enjoyed this season a lot! The finale was especially riveting, what with the destruction of the High Sept, the crowning of Cersei, the new King in the North, and the start of the invasion of Westeros.

But now that it's done, what am I watching?

  • Every damn permutation of tiny house show -- Tiny House Nation, Tiny House Hunting, Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Big Living... if it has "Tiny House" in the title, I'm there.
  • Call the Midwife. The season is tackling the thalidomide tragedy head on. I was a kid when this awfulness occurred; I remember vividly a Life Magazine article on the babies born with serious birth defects. You can thank Frances Oldham Kelsey for preventing its use in the US.
  • American Ninja Warrior, one of my guilty pleasures, along with Inkmaster. I watch in complete amazement as the contestants go through the obstacles, each more difficult than the last. One of the things that I love about the show is how the contestants cheer each other on! The prevailing sentiment on the show is "Us against the course" rather than "Me against everyone else."
  • Finally, I have been completely sucked into the new HBO crime drama, The Night Of. It is extraordinary. It's beautifully composed and shot with great acting. It's eerie, scary, and gripping, with many subtle nuances. Did he do it? Did he not do it? Is that cat significant? What about the deer head on the wall? One thing for sure, I do not ever want to set foot in Riker's Island. If you have HBO, don't miss it. If you don't, well, find a way to watch it.


So there you go. Of course, I also take in Svengoolie (but rarely make to the end) and TCM classic movies. Just the other night I saw a great 1930s pre-code scare film called Marihuana, where a good girl goes bad after getting "in trouble" from smoking weed. Of course, she dies at the end of a heroin overdose while doobies fall on her head.

I started to watch Cocaine Fiends (1935), but fell asleep before the poor heroine got hooked. Alas!