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Saturday 9: Sara Smile

I've been battling a not-quite-a migraine headache today; therefore, I shall do this week's Saturday 9. The theme for today is Hall and Oates's Sara Smile. I must admit that I was never much of a Hall and Oates fan, but here we go anyway.
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This was Hall & Oates' first #1 hit. Can you name another of their popular songs? Actually, no. Like I said, I was never much of a fan.

2) Darryl Hall and Sara Allen were a couple for 30 years, and he wrote this at the beginning of their long relationship. That makes this a very public love letter. Are you good at writing love letters? Would you rather tell the person how you feel, face to face? Or do you let your actions speak louder than your words? Love letters... well, I didn't have too many changes to write love letters. The one that I remember writing my circus boyfriend backfired -- he never wrote or called me again. On the other hand, I tell Joe how I feel all the time and back it up with actions.

3) In the song, Darryl and Sara are waiting for the sunrise. Did you see the sunrise this morning? Or did you sleep in? I slept in this morning -- all the way to 8:00. It's Saturday, after all!

4) Both Hall & Oates hail from the Philadelphia area. Hall is a native of suburban Pottstown, which was a stop on the Reading/Philadelphia rail line made famous in Monopoly. Do you like playing board games? I love board games. Monopoly, Sorry, Backgammon, Parcheesi, Life, Scrabble, Othello... Alas, Joe does not like board games all that much, which puts a damper on my board-game playing.

5) John Oates grew up a few miles away from Pottstown in North Wales. Decades ago, North Wales' biggest employer was a cigar factory. Do you like the smell of a cigar? I love the smell of a good cigar. This is a good thing, given that Joe loves cigars.

6) Daryl Hall now hosts a music show, Live from Daryl's House, that you catch  free online. Do you typically watch shows from your computer, pad, phone or TV set? TV, 99% of the time. That may change if I ever get a tablet.
7) Hall & Oates are currently on tour. Are you seeing/have you seen a concert this summer? I'd love to see Bonnie Raitt in August. I'll have to see if tickets are still available.
8) Daryl and John have been friends for 50 years, even living together at the beginning of their careers when money was tight. Another successful duo of the rock era, Simon & Garfunkle, also met as teens but they forever seem to be feuding. What do you think makes for a lasting friendship/partnership? Shared values and a good sense of humor.

9) Random question:  Are you quick to try new things? Depend on what the new thing is!