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Saturday 9: Papa Don't Preach

It's Saturday, it's Caturday, it's World Juggling Day -- time for the Saturday 9!

If you're not familiar with today's song, you can hear it here.

1) Madonna has sold more than 200 million records worldwide. Do you have any of her songs on your iPod/mp3 player/phone?

Not a one. I'm probably committing heresy here, but I've never been a big Madonna fan.

2) When she first arrived in New York in search of fame and fortune, Madonna supported herself by working at Dunkin' Donuts. What did you order last time you were at Dunkin' Donuts?

The last time I was at a Dunkin' Donuts was... Christmas Day! It was the one at Maryland House on I-95. We were on the way home from my sister's big Christmas Eve bash; SonnyeBoy was driving. I believe I got a toasted bagel with cream cheese and a large coffee.

3) Madonna and her first husband, Sean Penn, ended their marriage on New Year's Eve, 1988. Sam's New Year's Eves are never that dramatic. What about you? Do you have any vivid New Year's Eve memories you'd like to share?

Almost all of my New Year's Eve memories are good -- certainly the last 36 or so -- but I do vividly remember one when I was just out of college. I decided to throw a party. My two best friends were sort of co-hosting. Out of all the people we invited, about a half dozen showed up, and they left well before midnight to go to other parties. I was crushed -- especially since one of them was my sort-of boyfriend. Ugh.

4) Madonna admits she suffers from brontophobia, aka the fear of storms. Are you scared of thunder and lightening?

Not at all. I love watching storms.

5) Onstage during the 2015 Coachella fest, Madonna shocked the audience by planting a kiss square on the lips of much-younger rapper Drake. What's something that surprised you recently?

Donald Trump winning the nomination. I kept thinking, "Surely this cannot last!" Alas.

6) More recently, Madonna was at the center of a controversy because Prince fans didn't like her tribute at the Billboard Music Awards. They made themselves heard on social media. Was your last Facebook post or Tweet positive or negative?

I'm positive it was positive! I uploaded a homemade, silly little video of me juggling, in honor of World Juggling Day. I put the phone on the bed, switched on the camera, and juggled over the phone.

7) One of the things Sam's papa preaches about is car maintenance. He reminds her to check her car's air filter regularly, because a dirty filter can reduce mileage. Share your own car maintenance tip with us.

Get that oil changed every three thousand miles! Don't ride the brakes! Shuffle steer! (Hat tip to SonnyeBoy.)

8) When she was growing up, Sam's father was often away on business. He always remembered to bring back the complimentary shampoos, conditioners and lotions from the hotels where he stayed. When will you next stay in a hotel (or motel, bed-and-breakfast or Airbnb room)?

We have a reservation at the Courtyard by Marriott in Harrisburg for September 3. We have tickets for Cirque du Soleil's OVO at Giant Center in Hershey -- I can't wait! So, rather than drive 85 miles home after the show, we're driving 10 miles to the hotel.

9) To celebrate Father's Day, Sam is giving away her father's favorite candy: LifeSavers. Would you prefer a roll of Wild Cherry, Butter Rum, Winter Green or Peppermint?

I love 'em all, but let's go with the classic -- Peppermint!