Saturday 9: Ode to Billie Joe

The Further Adventures of Grumpy Walker

So Mother Nature said "All right, FINE!" to our complaints about the sunless May weather and abruptly switched on high summer. You don't like cool and rainy? Welcome to hot, hazy, and humid!

This makes walking a sweaty, stinky chore. Whee.

I have persevered, though. Tuesday was actually almost lovely -- high 70s and a nice breeze -- so Joe and I did the long walk. It started out to be the short walk, but we got to the lockhouse and sort of kept going across the field and down the trail. Wednesday, I stuck to the trail because it's almost all shade. It was still sort of reasonable -- 85 and not too humid -- but afterward I had to sit for a half hour to cool off.

Yesterday I cooked dinner instead of walking. It was a good (and tasty!) decision.

This morning I woke up five minutes before my alarm went off and, instead of snuggling down and dozing, I had the revolutionary thought that I should just get up and take my walk while it was cool. So I did.

The light is lovely early in the morning.

May 27, 2016
Morning on the River

I did the short walk -- 1.25 miles. I started out thinking "This is entirely too early for this nonsense." And it is, really, but walking in 90-degree heat is even more nonsensical, so I guess it's a win.

May 27, 2016
The Long Road Ahead

When I got back, Joe had gotten up and made the coffee. I ate breakfast while I cooled down and dried out, then took my shower and got ready for work. I still left when I usually do, so you know what?

This might work.