The Quilt of Memories
Saturday 9: These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

Can I Get A Witness?

Last weekend we had a play date with the lovely and talented Mike and Maria Pratt. We quaffed some beers and ate some barbeque at the newly opened beer garden at Stable 12 Brewery. We enjoyed sundaes at Zwahlen's. And, thanks to Maria, we saw one of three Witness Trees in Valley Forge National Park.

A Witness Tree is a tree that was alive during the Continental Army's encampment at Valley Forge in 1777 -- that makes this massive sycamore tree over 260 years old. It's 82.9 feet high and 21.4 feet around, with a spread of 142 feet. (In case you were wondering, I didn't measure it; those stats came from here.)

Here it is, standing among the buttercups, just beginning to leaf.

May 1, 2016
The Witness Tree at Pawlings Farm

This panorama shot shows the little house sheltering under the tree and give you an idea of the reach. Check out that branch growing along the ground. It's definitely big enough to sit on.

May 1, 2016
That' a Big Sycamore!

I suspect there were many children (of all ages) who played horsey on it.

May 1, 2016

Up on the trunk, you can see that some maintenance has occurred -- but the remaining piece really resembles a butt.

May 1, 2016
I Am a Teenage Boy

Anyway! I'm so glad that Maria showed us this wonderful old witness. Now I want to find and visit the other two Witness Trees in the park -- want to come along?