A Beautiful Walk

Saturday 9: Fool on the Hill

Okay! How about some Saturday 9?

1) Friday was April Fool's Day. Did you pull any pranks? Did anyone put anything over on you? No, I didn't pull any pranks. The only one I ever pulled that was remotely successful was one I did years ago when SonnyeBoy was a new police officer. I talked about how, as part of his training, he had to get shot so that he'd know what it felt like. I linked to a page that supposedly explained exactly how they did it, but the link actually went to a page that said "April Fool!" My Pop, though, was a prank master. His were always very subtle -- nothing mean or hurtful. He'd stare out the front window until you walked by. Then he'd say, "Well, isn't that interesting?" Or, "Oh my, look at that!" Of course, we'd always go to see what was happening. As soon as we looked out the window, he'd say, "April Fool!" It worked every single year.

2) The practice of playing tricks on one another on April 1 dates back at least to the 14th century and Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales includes a mention of it. Geoffrey Chaucer has been called England's greatest poet. Quote a bit of poetry for us. (It doesn't have to be English, or great.) From Ogden Nash:

A panther is like a leopard
Except it hasn't been peppered.
Should you see a panther crouch,
Prepare to say "Ouch!"
What's more, when called by a panther,
Don't anther.

3) Beatle Paul is a huge Elvis fan and is happy to own the bass that was played on Elvis' 1954 recording of "That's All Right, Mama." Tell us about one of your prized possessions. I have two antique photo albums full of tintypes and daguerreotypes of my ancestors. Very few of them are labeled, so I don't know who most of the people are -- but I love looking at them.

4) In contrast to his easygoing persona, Sir Paul has been described by former band mate Ringo Starr as strong willed and "determined to get his own way." Do you consider yourself strong willed and determined? Or are you more easy going? It depends on the situation.

5) The Beatles once bought a Greek island, planning to live and record there, but sold it after a few months because it started to seem like a bad, expensive idea. Tell us about a purchase that gave you buyer's remorse. Oh my -- I'll say clothes that I bought thinking I would fit into them eventually. Hah!

6) Legend has it that the Beatles officially broke up in Disney World. John Lennon was staying at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort when he received and signed the court papers that dissolved the group. Have you ever conducted business while on vacation? Nothing substantial. I had to be sure to approve timecards last summer, but that's about it. I make a point of being on vacation when I'm on vacation.

7) George Harrison loved puttering around in the garden and dedicated his autobiography to "gardeners everywhere." Do you have a green thumb? Oh God no! Both of my parents had bright green thumbs, but I did not inherit that gene. I can kill cactus.

8) Ringo regrets not having saved more Beatles memorabilia, which he realizes now would be worth a fortune. Are you a pack rat? Not anymore. We did some radical downsizing when we moved from Maryland to Pennsylvania.

9) Random question: Which do you prefer, Girl Scout cookies or Boy Scout popcorn? Girl Scout cookies, but the Cub Scout caramel corn is mighty tasty!