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The Quilt of Memories

This is NOT a sponsored post. No quilts were harmed in the writing of this post. I didn't get paid or anything for writing it. So there.

When we to Pennsylvania, we purged our belongings. This purging included scads of tee-shirts. We only kept the ones we wore on a regular basis and the ones rife with sentimental value. I stored the ones rife with sentimental value in a box in the closet.

Then, on Facebook, I saw my friend Mary Jo's (she is, by the way, lovely and talented) tee-shirt quilt.

I knew immediately that I wanted one.

So I went on over to Project Repat and looked into their offering. What I really like about this organization is that they are committed to bringing textile jobs back to the US. Every quilt is made in America in one of two factories -- good stuff. I didn't buy right away, because...well, budget. But I did give them my email address and started receiving discount offers. Eventually, there was an offer too good to refuse.

Joe and I gathered up the tee-shirts and picked out 16 for our lap quilt, the perfect size for the our memory shirts. I paid, prepared and shipped the shirts, and sat back.

The quilt came on Thursday. Here it is!

Apr 22, 2016

They are all carefully sewn together and backed with a nice, soft fleece. Ours has a real variety of memories:

  • Rock and roll shirts from Little Feat, the Beatles, and the Grateful Dead
  • Circus and clowny shirts from George Matthews Great London Circus (my first circus), a juggling festival, the Clown College reunion, and Troupers (a vaudeville show)
  • Place shirts from the Olney Ale House, the Kite Loft, Flynn's (SonnyeBoy brought us that one), and New Mexico
  • Funny saying shirts from STC, the Politics and Prose bookstore, and the Elliot in the Morning show.

The oldest one is the Great London Circus shirt, from 1976 -- no wait, I think it might be the Little Feat Dixie Chicken shirt, which could very well date back to the early 70s.

Be that as it may, I love it.

Apr 22, 2016

Anyway, if you have piles of tee-shirts languishing in drawers and closets, check out Project Repat. Use the discount code REPATFRIEND for 15% off!