A Cold Walk
Saturday 9: Fool on the Hill

A Beautiful Walk

Tonight's walk was not cold; it was pretty much perfect. The beautiful evening did not prevent me from arguing with myself about taking a walk, though. I apparently like to argue with myself, especially about walking. But "Take a Walk" me won out over "Eat Dinner and Watch TV" me, so I shoved my feet into my walkin' shoes, changed my shirt, and set out.

What a fine, soft evening! The sun was just beginning to do that golden sidelight thing, making everything glow. The air was just cool enough; the sun was just warm enough. It was a most pleasant stroll. (Well, it was a little faster than a stroll - I generally manage to clock in at a little under three miles per hour.) I really love the fact that the later sunset enables me to take these walks outside on the trail instead of inside on the treadmill.

The old Betzwood movie studio looked beautiful in the light. Whenever I walk past these buildings I imagine the studio workers splicing the film together by hand, the actors taking a break from movie making, and the producers talking about the next movie.

Mar 23, 2016
 Betzwood Studio

Anyway, I walked back down to our building on the riverside path. That's where you can really see the  effects of the evening light.

Mar 23, 2016
Evening light on the trees

So I did the long loop, a little over a mile and a half. One walk in the books; three more to go for the weekly goal.

I'm glad that "Take a Walk" me won.