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Thingadaily Three: Zentangle + Dreamscope

I must say that All-Employee Town Hall meetings are much more interesting since I started doing Zentangles, especially when phrases like "our company family" and "paradigm shift" and "synergies" are bandied about with reckless abandon.

During the latest one, I doodled this:

Feb 3, 2016

Meanwhile, I'd been seeing cool renditions of photos on Facebook. I found out that they were generated with a cool little app called Dreamscope. Well, say no more. I downloaded it and started having fun turning my plain old snapshots into Great Works of Art! Okay, not really. But the many filters do very interesting things to photos.

So I decided to try it on a photo of a doodle rather than a sunset or the cats or Joe. And here it is, Thingadaily #3, a graffiti-ized version of the Town Hall doodle. Is this cheating just a little bit? I don't think so - I made it, after all!

Feb 3, 2016