Something Fishy

Grilled Cheese and Origami

For tonight's contribution to Thingadailies, I made very fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, thanks to Blue Apron. They were fancy because they were made with rustic sourdough bread, fontina cheese, and preserved lemon; and accompanied by a salad of endive, clementine, toasted walnuts, and mint. It was quite tasty!

Feb 22, 2016

But wait; there's more! I also made another origami cube/box. This box is the same construction as the first box I made, but I used a piece of pretty washi paper for the top/lid.

Feb 22, 2016

If I make this little box again, I think I'll use washi paper for the bottom, too. That could be quite nice - or it could be a disaster. The washi is soft paper that doesn't crease particularly well, so it's trickier to get sharp folds. We'll see!