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Flowery Thingadaily

It's the last day of Thingadailies! This challenge was really fun and very good for me. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed folding paper, even when the paper wouldn't cooperate. Now that I've bought a whole new supply of paper, I guess I'd better keep it up! Hmm... I wonder if there's a way to combine origami and Zentangle? Drawing, then folding? We shall see. So, here's a purple iris on a wee green stem... Read more →


I meant to post this contribution to Thingadailies last night, but I just couldn't get it to behave. So rather than crumpling it up and tossing it in the trash, I went to bed. I picked it up this morning and looked at it closely and AHA! I folded one of the units wrong. Luckily I didn't have to put the whole thing apart; I just pulled out the miscreant unit, folded it into submission,... Read more →


When I started folding origami for Thingadailies, I saw a really neat phoenix that I wanted to fold. I thought, "What could be so hard about this?" Well, I found out. This particular bird requires some precise folding, patience, manipulation of thick areas over thin ones, patience, sharp creasing, and patience. I crumpled up several sheets of paper before I decided to start out simple and work my way up to the phoenix. That's why... Read more →

Grilled Cheese and Origami

For tonight's contribution to Thingadailies, I made very fancy grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, thanks to Blue Apron. They were fancy because they were made with rustic sourdough bread, fontina cheese, and preserved lemon; and accompanied by a salad of endive, clementine, toasted walnuts, and mint. It was quite tasty! But wait; there's more! I also made another origami cube/box. This box is the same construction as the first box I made, but I used... Read more →

Back to Tangling

I seem to have taken a couple of days off from Thingadailies -- sorry about that! I realized that I hadn't done any tangling/doodling/Dreamscoping lately, so here's a little number I did tonight. And here is the Dreamscoped version. I used another graffiti filter this time; I like how it turned out, especially the background. In other news, I cleaned out two of the four drawers of the filing cabinet. I found many things. Much... Read more →

A Plain Crane

I folded a fun rose cube at lunchtime today. A rose cube is an origami cube that semi-unfolds into a rose. I got it all folded and assembled, but it kind of fell apart when I turned it into a rose and then tried to re-cubify it. Oh well - I'll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a nice classic origami crane for today's Thingadailies entry. Read more →

Tetrahedron Thingadaily

We had a nice, lazy indoor President's Day holiday today. I had a bit of a restless night, so I slept in until a little after 8:00. I did manage to go over to the fitness center and walk on the treadmill, so I felt pretty good about that. But after I took my shower, I realized that I wasn't going to go anywhere. Why, then, should I put on regular clothes? So I got... Read more →