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Testing, Testing

As you probably know, I have Type 2 diabetes. It runs in the family -- my Pop had it, his father had it, and so on and so forth.

So far, I have been able to control it with medications other than insulin. Lately I have been much better at that, because I have been going easier on the carbs and exercising regularly.

What I have not been doing is testing my blood sugar, because my doctor said I really didn't have to. He allows as how daily testing is really important for diabetics on insulin. However, he also said that it wouldn't be a bad thing if I tested it once a week or so, just to keep tabs on myself. He told me to call my insurance company and inquire into whether I could get the meter and other accessories at a discount.

So I did that, because I have really good insurance right at the moment. It will be changing very soon, because my company is now it's very own company and not part of that large auction and marketplace site.

I got the phone number and super-secret code for ordering the meter, then I procrastinated for awhile, then I called them up.

Sure enough, I was able to get a One Touch Verio meter with an introductory supply of test strips and lancets for free! Not only that, my current prescription coverage lets me continue to get the test strips and lancets for free, as long as I have a prescription for them!

I took the kit to my doctor's appointment the other day so the he could look it over and, more importantly, show me how to use the damn thing. After he did that, he put in a scrip for the supplies, to be delivered right to my mailbox.

I decided that today was the day for the first test! Because I'm a tech writer, I actually RTFM* the Owner's Booklet and follow the instructions.

First, load a test strip into the meter. (Be careful not to load it into the mini-USB port. D'oh.) Then, you have to prick your finger and get some blood. There's a cute little tool for this -- you just insert a lancet, put the thing against your finger, and hit the trigger. Sting! Blood droplet. Finally, you put the strip against the drop of blood, the strip soaks it up, and voila! You get your number.

Mine was 143 -- in range!

So far, so good.

*RTFM = Read the Fucking Manual, a rallying cry of technical writers everywhere.