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Snowy Sunday Stealing

Time once again for Sunday Stealing!

Do you like to see it snowing outside? Yes, as long as I'm inside! This is a timely question, given that we had a literal blizzard yesterday. Our area got just about two feet of snow. I went out in the middle of the afternoon and the snow was knee-deep, but I managed to slog though to the riverbank and grab this picture of the river.

Jan 24, 2016

Schuylkill River during the Blizzard

Do you tell your family you love them enough? I tell them all the time, but I don't think there is such a thing as telling your family you love them too much.

Do you like getting jewelry or do you not wear any? I love jewelry and I like getting it. I do wear it, mostly on work days. My earring holes have closed up, but I generally wear two or three bracelets, a ring (in addition to my wedding set), and a necklace.

Do you watch a lot of NFL football? I watch a fair amount, especially when I can catch the 'Skins up here in Eagles country. I'm watching the AFC Championship right now. However, I watch a lot more hockey! (GO CAPS!)

Have you ever used the word ‘lame’? Of course -- both in the "leg injury" sense and the "weak and inadequate" sense.

Are you/Were you in a band? If so, what was your band name? No, I've never been in a band.

When is the last time you went to the doctor? January 15th, for my three-month diabetes check.

Do you own any shirts with a peace symbol on it? I'm sure that I did, back in the distant past, but I don't now.

Would you ever go to Japan? Sure! I'd love to visit Japan!

What was the last thing you went to Walmart for? Shower curtains, the night we moved up here to Pennsylvania, almost two years ago. I try not to go to Walmart.

Ever gotten in a car accident? Plenty, both when driving and riding.

Have you ever been in a choir? Does high school Glee Club count? If so, yes.

Do you like the color of your eyes? If not, what color would you want them? My eyes are hazel -- I like that they change with what I wear. Sometimes they look blue; sometimes green.

When was the last time you went ice skating? Years and years ago -- probably 15 or so. But I did take lessons and got pretty good at going forward.

Do you like to brush your teeth? Why, it's one of my favorite things in the whole entire world! Seriously, though, I'm very diligent about brushing my teeth.

Have you ever had a surgery? I've had three: appendectomy, laparoscopic cholecystectomy (gallbladder), and umbilical hernia.

Do you look older or younger than you actually are? I don't know -- what does 64 look like?

When is the next time you’ll be up on stage? I don't know. Probably never.

Where did you spend your last birthday? At home, at a restaurant, and at the movies.

What is the last show that you watched a full episode of? Tiny House World.

Do you know anyone who lives in Utah? No, I don't. Oh wait, I think one of the Weetacon tribe lives in Utah!

Is there anything you need to work on doing soon? Yes, I need to cook dinner this evening.

Do your feelings get hurt easily? It depends on who is doing the hurting.

Do you, or do you know someone who has taken karate lessons? I've never taken karate, but SonnyeBoy took it all through high school. He was really good!

Were you ever a boy or girl scout? Oh yes, I've sold my share of cookies. I was a Brownie, a Junior, and a Cadet. I quit before becoming a Senior Scout, though. I loved scouting!