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Throwback Thursday, Christmas Edition

The Siren Song of the Chair


We have this chair. It's a dark green leather recliner in a mission style frame. We bought it years and years ago and put it in the basement (aka Joe's inner sanctum). When we moved up here to Pennsylvania, the chair got a featured place in the living room, because it is an amazing chair.

I have realized that if I am to make it over to the fitness center in the evening, I must do two things immediately upon walking in the door:

  • Change into my workout regalia (which consists of old, beat up yoga pants and an oversize t-shirt).
  • Not sit in the chair.

See, once you're in the soft, warm embrace of this chair, it is almost impossible to get out of it. You sit; you recline; you relax. Oh, do you relax! Even the cat (Little Bits, not Taffy the Mixer) loves this chair. She hops up on the back of chair and settles right in. If you happen to be sitting in the chair, you have to be mindful of her presence behind your head. If you recline or unrecline (sure it's a word!) too quickly, you might fling her off -- or worse, she might dig right in to your neck to keep her place secure. But, if you go slowly in either direction, all is well.

To quote Firesign Theater: It's just like sitting in a big hand.

Anyway, it's pretty a magical relaxation chair. It's one reason why most of my Holidailies posts happen late in the evening -- old recliner chair got me.

(This post proves that you can write about pretty much anything.)