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Saturday Got Away from Me

Somehow Saturday got away from me. I had good intentions, but I suppose I just laid another paving stone on my own personal Road to Hell.

Weekends at our house follow a lovely ritual. Saturday is Pancake Day - Joe gets up first and makes coffee and pancakes. I stagger out shortly after smelling the fragrant and inspiring aroma of the life-giving beverage. We eat our cakes while reading the part of the Sunday New York Times that comes on Saturday. I start the crossword puzzle (I don't always finish it right away). We read the ethics questions to each other.

Then we tidy. Joe - God bless him - does more than I do.

Then we go out for lunch.

I fit in my walk in the afternoon or the early evening. Nice day? I do the 1.5 mile circuit around the apartment complex via Schuylkill River Trail and riverside sidewalk. Not a nice day? I go over to the fitness room and walk on the treadmill for at least a mile.

Yesterday I decided to go over to the fitness room in the morning, to get the damn walk done. I put on my "activewear" (old yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt) and walked on over, but the place was packed and all three treadmills were occupied with earnest young people running their hearts out. One of the elliptical machines was free, but I never used an elliptical and didn't want to start just then.

So I came back, took my shower, and watched highlights of the Caps amazing comeback against the Lightning.

We went out to lunch, ran some errands, and came home. I thought about walking. I thought about doing my Holidailies post. I did neither.

I did cook a Blue Apron dinner - roast chicken and vegetables (celeriac and cabbage) with apple chutney. The meal also included potato latkes, but I skipped them. It would have tempting the God of the Smoke Alarm to have the oven at 475 degrees while frying a lot of latkes. Plus, the rest of the meal was plenty of food for two.

Then I thought about walking again, and also thought about doing a post. Then I got distracted by the Habs-Stars game, which I had mixed feelings about, and then I changed into my jammies and did my nightly ablutions. The game was winding down, so I plopped onto the sofa and drifted right off into a restful slumber.

I woke up at around 11:00. I thought, "There's still time for a Holidailies post!"

And then I went to bed.