Ten Places Where I Would Like to Spend Christmas
Kitty McSlutterson

My Dream Home

I've gotten a little addicted to all of the Tiny House shows on TV. Back when I was on the road, tiny houses were called "trailers", but now they are quite fancy, even though the mobile ones tend to be no more than 250 square feet. They're like Transformer Houses! Things slide out here and tuck in there; steps double as storage. Sleeping lofts have hidden desks. Kitchens have ingenious layouts and bathrooms have composting toilets. And -- they are generally quite impressive looking!

Some of them are really really really tiny -- one in Dublin was actually only six feet wide! I once lived in a van, mind you, but I was a lot younger then and didn't mind having to look for a bathroom every day. Nowadays I think I'd need at least 700 square feet, a real bathroom (none of this wet room stuff, and a flush toilet please), and a decent kitchen. Oh, and no loft, please. I'd crack my head open for sure.

My favorite tiny house was a stationary home in the Wisconsin woods on Lake Superior. It was somewhere around 500 square feet, I think -- a veritable mansion! But it was really really cool. The front wall was one long window. The kitchen had everything you would ever want. The bedroom was a real live room, not a head-bump loft, and on the same level. No ladders for me, thanks; no, not even fancy storage steps either.

To tell you the truth, I really like our apartment. It's luxuriously sized at 1200 square feet, plenty of room!