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Back to the Light

Tonight is the Winter Solstice, when the night is dark and long.

And usually cold, but not this year -- ruining my poetic opening for this post.

Anyhow, on my short commute home from work, I drive past Valley Forge National Park. When the stars align and the traffic cooperates, I can get a picture like this one.

Dec 21, 2015
Valley Forge Sunset

I hate these long, long nights, for many reasons. But as of tonight, little by little, the light stays with us. Just knowing this makes me happy. Soon we'll be saying, "Look! Six o'clock and it's still light!" Then a little later in the year, we'll say "Look! Eight o'clock and it's still light!" And then, late in June, the sun will set a little earlier, then earlier still, and I'll sigh as I drive home in the dark.

The wheel turns, and I am along for the ride.