Calm Before Christmas
Retrospective: 2015

Christmas Happened!

Christmas! Here are 10 things about that:

  1. Rather than do battle with I-95, we took the train to Baltimore. I even sprang for business class! That car was practically empty, so we had our choice of seats far from the proletariat. We also got free coffee - bonus! This ride was a great present to ourselves; arriving rested and happy beats arriving stressed out and grouchy every time. We even took a cab to 30th Street Station. 
  2. SonnyeBoy picked us up at the station, then we headed to my sister's Christmas Eve party. It was wonderful!
  3. My little grand-nephews are so cute! We even have a new one, Evan, who was born in August (I think).
  4. I took no pictures of anything. Amazing!
  5. We spent the night at my niece's condo, which was great. We could see her dad's handiwork in the bathroom and the kitchen.
  6. SonnyeBoy drove us back to PA. It was a smooth, swift ride, whee!
  7. Once we got home, we had presents! I love all of mine, but the Kitchen Aid mixer was a complete and glorious surprise. Also, SonnyeBoy gave me a Maryland School of Law hoodie. It is perfect!
  8. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. The food was absolutely delicious, but we waited for it for over an hour. I think it's because we were exiled in the "Stupid People with No Reservation" section.
  9. Do I have the only cats in the universe who don't like empty boxes?
  10. Best. Christmas. Ever.