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Christmas Happened!

Calm Before Christmas

It's eleven o'clock, the night before Christmas Eve. Joe has gone to bed, because he has to be at work at eight o'clock. I've turned off the lights and the TV, so the only sounds are the ticking clock, the clicking keys, and the trilling cat. Occasionally, I hear a train pulling into the yard across the river -- the cars crashing gently into each other as it maneuvers along the tracks.

It's also pouring rain and 65 degrees outside, the antithesis of a White Christmas!

It's peaceful. I'm glad of that, because tomorrow will be... hectic. There are last-minute stocking stuffers to pick up, gifts to wrap and place under the tree, a train to catch, a party to attend. Rather than fight the traffic and the predicted thunderstorms, we decided to take the train from Philly to Baltimore, where SonnyeBoy will pick us up. Then we'll head down I-95 to the annual family Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's house. We get to spend Christmas Eve night at my niece's condo before the three of us drive back up on Christmas Day to open presents and eat Chinese food. (No cooking for me this year, but a pie might get made. You never know!)

Keep your fingers crossed for trains that run on time, roads that are clear and dry, safe travels to and fro, over the river and through the woods.

Good night!