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Who's Cookin'?

The prompt for today is: Who does most of the cooking in your home?

I guess I do, especially since we started getting Blue Apron meals.

I gotta tell ya, I need to take a cooking course or something, because I am the slowest chopper in the whole entire world. I watch some of these TV chefs just buzz through chopping and slicing and dicing and mincing and what not, and I cannot do it. I would slice my fingers off for sure. I know there must be a trick to it and I'm sure it involves practice. Meanwhile, I plod along, slowly slicing.

It's worth it, though!

Before Blue Apron, Joe and I pretty much switched off on the cooking duties: one of us cooked; the other cleaned up. I'm not sure you could really call what we did "cooking", though. Throw some meat on the George, nuke some veggies or potatoes. Brown some burger, add some tomato sauce, pour it over pasta. Eggs and toast. Order a pizza. That was as complicated as we got.

And when neither of us feels like wrangling the stove, we simply do "Catch as Catch Can", which is code for "Just eat whatever you want."

I must give credit where credit is due: Joe is the Pancake King. Saturday is Pancake Day at our house and Joe is the Pancaker. His cakes (made with the extremely complex and time-consuming Bisquik recipe) (heh) are perfect.

And he heats up the syrup!

October 2015