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October 2015

So... I hardly ever check out BlogHer anymore, because they changed the user interface awhile back and I hated it. It had been simple and easy to navigate, then it got fancy and I couldn't find anything, so I just stopped going there. I still get emails from them, which I tend to skim over and immediately delete.

But today the subject line was about NaBloPoMo -- National Blog Post Month (I think) -- wherein you pledge to post every day. Kind of like Holidailies, but not in December. I clicked. I signed up. The theme is "Dish", today's prompt is "Tell us about your most beloved family dish".

And, because today is also Throwback Thursday and I didn't post a picture, I decided to waltz down Memory Lane and talk about my favorite food memories -- not just one dish, but several. Bon Appetit!

My mom was famous for her chocolate chip cookies. I remember sitting on the counter next to my little sister, watching Mom make them. A stick of butter, eight tablespoons of Crisco, the whir of the Mixmaster, and getting to lick the beaters and bowl once the delicious treats were in the oven.

When I was nine, Mom got me a copy of Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys and Girls -- for Christmas? Birthday? I don't remember, but I loved it!


I concentrated on the dessert section, but I probably experimented with some of the main dishes as well.

But my fondest food memory is the memory of our Sunday family dinner.

Every single Sunday that I was a kid, we had dinner at 2:00 in the afternoon. And every single Sunday, the main dish was exactly the same: standing rib roast, medium rare (listing toward rare), roasted with onions and tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, a green vegetable -- peas in the winter, lima beans or string beans or zucchini from Pop's garden in the summer. Also in summer? Sliced fresh ripe tomatoes, the best in the whole entire world. Every kid had a tall glass of milk; Mom and Pop had coffee. If we were lucky, we might have hot fudge sundaes for dessert, with homemade hot fudge to die for.

Later in the evening, right around time for Walt Disney Presents (in Living Color!), Pop took over the kitchen to make Sunday supper: BLTs on toast and chocolate milkshakes. On top of that, we got to eat in front of the TV too! In winter we also got a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, made from the beef bone and leftover meat, all the leftover veggies and whatever else Pop could find. If we didn't have enough potatoes, he threw in a handful of spaghetti. It was fabulous.

It all must have lodged in my developing psyche, because my favorite meat is prime rib, my favorite vegetable is fresh garden tomatoes, my favorite sandwich is a BLT on toast, and my favorite dessert is a hot fudge sundae. Oh, and I also love a good milkshake and bowl of homemade vegetable beef soup.

The only things I don't do is drink a tall glass of milk with every meal and eat string beans. I can't abide string beans (I caught a string in my throat when I was little). And, I'm a grown-up now, so I drink coffee instead of milk.

So there you go -- a Food Throwback Thursday!