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My Cooking Style

Today's NaBloPoMo prompt is:

#BlogHerFood15 is in Chicago on November 6th and 7th.  Are you going?  Either way, write an introductory post about your cooking style to let people get to know you through food.

Well, first off -- no, I am not going to BlogHerFood15. I've only been to one BlogHer ever, and that was in DC years and years ago. I felt kind of out of place, because the main thrust of the event was "monetization" and I have never felt the urge to "monetize" my blog.

So anyway, let's get back to my "cooking style."

I don't think I have one. Or maybe it's "lackadaisical" or quite possibly "slapdash." Mostly, I'm a really plain cook. I want food to be quick, but reasonably tasty. I followed in my mother's footsteps: meat, veggie, starch. After a while the veggie dropped out, unless it was peas, or corn, or sliced tomato.

I go through phases where I cook a lot, whether it's a good dinner every night or trying new desserts from Smitten Kitchen.

I had a Weight Watcher phase for awhile, where I cooked up a lot of recipes from the various WW cookbooks. I remember a very good meatloaf made from ground veal and a quite yummy spoon bread. I invested in the LA Weight Loss cookbook too; that one had a few very good dishes, especially a baked (or was it poached?) chicken one.

I went through a baking and candy-making phase too, where I experimented with rolling out dough and cooking up caramels. I even managed to make a pretty successful batch of biscotti.

Now, of course, I'm in a Blue Apron phase. It seems to be working out well. The food is delicious, for sure. The prep is sometimes lengthy and a bit laborious, but I put up with that so that I can have food that is different and delicious. I've only managed to grate my thumb once; I also zested my index finger once.

Since we moved, the biggest problem that I have with cooking is that the smoke alarm in our apartment is perilously close to the stove, so more than once the food preparation has been punctuated by relentless, horribly loud screeching. This seems to happen when I have to use the oven, when I have to sauté stuff over high heat, or both.

I have developed coping strategies, such as having Joe open and close the oven door while I whisk stuff in and out. Who knew that opening the oven was a two-person job? I also must absolutely turn on the vent fan at the outset of the cooking process. Sometimes I have to hold the pan up close to the vent until the smokiness/steaminess settles down. I never, ever cook anything with high or medium-high heat. Too risky.

And sometimes I have to turn off the stove and run out to the balcony, sauté pan in hand, until the smoke alarm realizes that I'm just cooking.

October 2015