Who's Cookin'?

Lamb and Liver

Today's prompt is: Who did most of the cooking in your house when you were growing up?

I grew up in a very typical 50s household, so Mom was the main cook. Pop cooked breakfast on the weekend and supper on Sunday night, but Mom was in charge of dinner.

Mom cooked good, plain American food. Her fried chicken was fabulous; her macaroni and cheese to die for. We had steak once a week; we also had hot dogs and beans. When she didn't feel like cooking (or got home late from bridge club), she'd have Pop pick up a pizza at Pizza Oven.

She only cooked food that she liked, which meant that we never had fish, or liver, or eggplant. I don't ever remember eating broccoli, but we had lima beans in milk and butter sauce all summer long, fresh from Pop's garden. She loved lamb, but we never had that either. That's because when Pop was serving in the Navy during World War II, the cook on the ship served mutton. A lot. When he got back, he told Mom to never cook lamb; he'd had quite enough.

However, he loved liver and onions. But Mom hated it, so she never cooked it. I remember when we'd go out to dinner, he always ordered liver and onions, and she always ordered lamb chops.


October 2015