Spectacular Numbers
A Brief Travelogue

Had Bad on Bourbon Street

I kinda fell down on that whole NaBloPoMo thing, didn't I?

But I was at a conference! In New Orleans! I had a colonoscopy! And then we got a new kitty!

No, not at the same time, although that might have been interesting. I'll tell you more about the latter two events in another post.

LavaCon is a technical communication conference targeted to content strategists, tech comm managers, UX designers, and those sorts of folks. The conference was excellent. Great speakers, great content, and I got to hug a whole bunch of people that I haven't seen in a very long time.

Six STC Past Presidents at LavaCon: Alan Houser, Kit Brown-Hoekstra, Cindy Currie, Paula Berger, Andrea Ames, and moi.

Plus, I love New Orleans. The conference hotel was right at on the corner of Bourbon and Canal Streets, right at the edge of the French Quarter. Of course, we had some of the best food in the whole entire world -- Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe au lait, Le Bayou for shrimp and grits, Red Fish Grill for seafood and bourbon chocolate bread pudding, and Bourbon House for filet medallions. And yes, I bought a pound of pralines too. Oh my my. This was not a low-anything trip! Believe me, it was worth every carb.

The Brass Band that led the parade!

Joe came with me, so he got to roam around while I attended the sessions. He was traipsing up Bourbon Street when a shoeshine guy came up to him and said, "I bet I can tell where you got those shoes!"

Joe: "Oh yeah?"

SSG: "Yeah! If I get it right, will you give me some money?"

Joe: "I'll give you five bucks!"

SSG: "I'll give you a shine, too. So lemme see... okay, I know exactly where you got those shoes."

Joe: "Okay, where?"

SSG: "You got 'em on your god-damn FEET!"

Joe cracked up! After he stopped laughing, he said, "I bet I'm not the first guy you got with that!" And the shoeshine guy replied, "You won't be the last, either!"

True to his word, Joe handed over the fiver, and true to his word, the shoeshine guy gave him a good shine.

We heard music, saw tappers, drank some good cocktails, danced down Bourbon Street in a second line parade, and generally had a wonderful time in the beautiful Crescent City.

Yeah, you right!