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Burger Whomp

Today's prompt is:

Have you ever invented your own recipe? What was your first one?

When Joe and I were newlyweds many long years ago, I came up with a very intricate gourmet meal: Burger Whomp.

Here is the complicated, multi-step recipe.

1. Slap some hamburger in a skillet.

2. While the burger cooks, chop up some carrots and/or broccoli and/or onion and/or whatever you happen to have.

3. When the burger is browned, drain most of the grease into your grease can -- this should ideally be an empty coffee can -- and put it in the freezer. (I don't know why.)

4. Dump the vegetables into the skillet with the burger and stir everything around.

5. Add something tomato-y -- tomato sauce, can of tomatoes (squish each tomato into the skillet), cut up fresh tomato -- you get the idea.

6. Simmer until everything's chewable.

7. Serve!

But why do you call it Burger Whomp? I hear you cry.

Simple. Because the main ingredient is burger, and you whomp it up with whatever else you have. Plus something tomato-y.

October 2015