Who's Cookin'?

Beloved Family Recipes

Well! Here's the NaBloPoMo prompt for today:

Who invented your most beloved family recipe? Tell us about the cook. Did you ever get to meet him or her?

Y'know, I've already written posts about various "beloved family recipes". So here's a recap:

The best pumpkin pie in the whole entire world was my gramma's recipe. I'm very glad that I knew her. She lived next door to us when I was little. When I was nine, though, she fell in her kitchen and broke her nose. After that, my folks turned the screen porch into a large room for her, and she spent the rest of her life with us.

Then we have the sacred chocolate chip cookies, courtesy of my mom. I'm really happy that my nieces are keeping the cookies alive -- one of them inherited the traveling cookie container. Now a whole new generation of kids are enjoying the deliciousness!

And finally, there's birthday cake: Devil's Food with boiled white icing. The. Best. The recipes come from the 1912 edition of the Fannie Merrit Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook. I discovered this fact quite by accident, when I got a bug up my butt to replicate the cake. I was reconciled to settling for a cheap imitation, then voila! There it was.

Now, let me think. What other family recipes could be considered "beloved"? Mom also made two casseroles that were staples in our house: spaghetti casserole and Mexicali casserole. I have no idea what those recipes are, but that's okay. I liked the casseroles well enough, but I don't miss them enough to go on a quest to find out how to make them.

Wait a minute! The applesauce cake! My gramma also made this dense, moist spicy cake with loads of raisins. The secret was -- as you might expect -- applesauce. I think I have the recipe stashed away in my recipe box. Hmm. I'm thinking that might be a nice quest, especially if I serve it with some real whipped cream.

That does it! Now I know what I'm going to do this rainy weekend!

October 2015