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Sunday Stealing

Honestly, I started this on Sunday but only just finished it today (Wednesday). But hey, better late than never, so voila! Sunday Stealing! 1. Have you ever had a pen pal? Yes, several. The one I remember best is Chantal, a French girl I wrote to in high school. We wrote to each other as part of a pen-pal exchange set up by my French teacher where we helped each other learn French and English.... Read more →

Fix It Again, Tony

So... I bought a car! That's it, right down there -- the shiny pearly tiny cute little Fiat 500! Cute as a button! I have lusted after a Fiat 500 ever since the first ad for them appeared on TV. Then I spotted this one at the used-car dealership near our home. I looked it up and wow - a great price! A 2012 - not too old. More miles than I'd normally like, but... Read more →