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Fix It Again, Tony

So... I bought a car! That's it, right down there -- the shiny pearly tiny cute little Fiat 500!

Fix It Again, Tony
Cute as a button!

I have lusted after a Fiat 500 ever since the first ad for them appeared on TV. Then I spotted this one at the used-car dealership near our home. I looked it up and wow - a great price! A 2012 - not too old. More miles than I'd normally like, but the price!

So I looked up reviews of the dealership (almost all good) and got the specs on the wee vehicle:

  • Automatic (important - I have not driven a car with a manual transmission since 1976).
  • Daytime running lights (Joe is a big fan).
  • Bluetooth! (When I got it all paired up with my iPhone, I called Joe, because I could. Hands free!)
  • USB and audio input jacks - no more tuning the radio to an unused band and hoping for no pirate stations. I hooked up my iPod and the radio immediately recognized it. So, tunes!
  • Lots of airbags, which you want in a teeny tiny car.
  • Spare tire and flat tire repair kit (which is basically a fancy pants version of a can of Fix-A-Flat, but probably a godsend when you have a flat tire at midnight in the pouring rain and you find out after much ado that the spare is also flat).

And lots of important mechanical mumbo-jumbo having to do with cylinders, horsepower, torque, foot-pounds and pound-feet, and so on and so forth.

The CarFax report was stellar. No accidents, clear title, all the right stuff.

I decided that I wanted it. Right now. Today. Come on!

So I made an appointment to talk to Rob the Sales Guy. He was a Very Nice Young Man, had the car ready and waiting, took my info, and off we went on a test drive.

At one point I lifted up the hatchback, only to find that the trunk mat was gone, which made the cargo area kinda funky. I pointed this out to Rob, who immediately promised me a replacement mat. Right answer!

Amazingly, sealing the deal was easy. While Joel the Finance Guy got the paperwork together, Rob let me use his computer to update my insurance. That was a little bit of a shock, as our insurance pretty much doubled. Then I realized that the number of cars on the policy doubled too, so then it made some sense.

So I signed my name, and signed some more, and then signed some more, and Joel gave me a bag of Ghiradelli chocolates, and boom! I had a car.

But what to name it? Normally, I do not name cars, but I sort of can't resist. I'm torn between Chicolini and Baravelli (both are Chico Marx characters, in case you didn't know). What do you think? Any suggestions?