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A Luxurious Anniversary

Jun 22, 2015
Almost All of the Bedford Springs Resort

This is where we spent our anniversary weekend - Bedford Springs Resort! This view shows *most* of it; there are three more buildings off to the right! Our room was in the Spa Wing; it's marked by that red X over to the left.

What a fabulous resort!! We had a simply wonderful time, once we got there. I think Joe was ready pull over and melt along about Breezewood just from the length of ride -- it was the longest 191 miles ever.

But boy oh boy was it ever worth it! Everything was lovely, schmancy, and dee-luxe. When we checked in, the clerk asked if we were celebrating anything. "Thirty-fifth wedding anniversary!" I replied. "Well, that's wonderful!" she said as she handed us the room keys.

We walked through the library (complete with puzzle and game tables), past the indoor pool (more on that later), by the shops, took a right at the Springs Eternal Spa, and then rode the elevator to our "deluxe luxury spa room".

And it pretty much was, right down to the rainforest shower, plush robes, and rocking chairs on the porch.

As we were unpacking, we heard a knock on the door. In came a bellhop, carrying a lovely tray of chocolate covered strawberries and a handwritten note wishing us a happy anniversary! Very nice!

Jun 25, 2015

Saturday morning we explored the property. We strolled over the bridge to this gazebo, which serves as a trailhead to the various hiking trails.

Jun 22, 2015
Trailhead Gazebo (with an unsuspecting visitor)

From there, we walked up to the Wedding Grotto, which is by one of the numerous springs - I think this one is Iron Spring, but I could be wrong.

Jun 22, 2015
The Wedding Grotto

At noon, we indulged in massages at the spa. They have a wonderful routine where an attendant picks you up in the spa foyer and takes you back. You get a wonderfully comfortable plush robe and shower sandals (in your shoe size!), then you get a tour of the spa facilities. After that, you chuck all your clothes and woes into your locker, slip into your robe, and head for the relaxation room. You stretch out on a nice chaise, have a cup of tea and some fresh fruit, and wait for the massage therapist to come and get you.

After your massage (I had a hot stone massage, my favorite kind, and it was everything a massage should be), you get to have the Baths Experience. In the baths area, you first take a deluge shower, then a steam, then a dip in the cold pool, then a spell in the hot pool, lather rinse repeat. Sheer decadence! You can stay as long as you like; I left when I started going pruney.

The resort has both an indoor pool and an outdoor pool, but we chose to play in the gorgeous indoor pool. It's a springwater pool, so no overpowering smell of chlorine or itchy skin! (There aren't any rooms on the second level, by the way, just a walkway around the pool.)

I loved this pool. I sank into it and floated and floated and let the world fall away.

Jun 22, 2015
The Springwater Pool

Also, there is the food. In a word - fabulous. We had dinner in the hifalutin steakhouse and in the tavern; both were exceptional. We went off property for breakfast (Bedford Diner - great!) and lunch (Jean Bonnet Tavern - also great!).

The only glitch came at checkout. Bedford Springs does not have any self-parking; it's all valet. The valets are terrific. They're friendly and they bring your car quickly. So we were surprised when it seemed to be taking a very long time - over half an hour! - for our car to appear. Joe went to ask about it, and the head guy said, "Umm, see... we know where your is, but we can't find the key. My manager will be out to talk to you about it."

Sure enough, the manager appeared. He apologized profusely and said that they would find the key, no doubt about it, and did we have a spare? We did. He said he would go get his business card in case we wanted to call him directly. When he came back, he told us that he waived the resort fee and late checkout fee for our stay - effectively a $100 credit! So, we drove on home. Just before we arrived, the manager called to tell us that they found the key and would FedEx it to us.

It arrived yesterday. All is well.

As you might expect, all of this pampering is damned expensive. But you know what? You only get to have one 35th anniversary, and we saved up for this, so I have no regrets. None.

Well, maybe one. I wish we could have stayed longer!