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The Messages Are Getting Louder

A Year Goes By Like Nothing

One year ago today, this happened:


Here are ten things about that momentous day.

  • We got up really early to be ready when the movers arrived. They were a half-hour late.
  • It didn't matter -- they were great! Tom the Foreman explained everything and we pretty much got out the way, busying ourselves with last-minute packing and loading the car with delicate stuff.
  • I was especially impressed with the care they took with my Gramma's mahogany corner cupboard. After I explained that it was an antique and dear to my heart, the guys wrapped it in blankets, then covered it with cardboard, then shrink wrapped it. It suffered nary a nick.
  • The only glitch occurred when one of the crew used the upstairs bathroom and the toilet overflowed. Shop vac to the rescue!
  • The way movers can fit stuff into a truck amazes me. At first I thought that they would never be able to get all of our furniture and millions of boxes into that truck. Tom the Foreman didn't even blink. In fact, he was surprised that we didn't have more stuff!
  • Everything was packed and ready to go at noon. Even the cat.
  • We stopped for lunch first, then headed north. We actually passed the truck along about White Marsh. The trip was smooth as glass, and both we and the movers arrived at our new home within five minutes of each other.
  • We picked up our keys. We led the way into the apartment. It was as great as I remembered.
  • It was fun telling the movers where to put stuff! More than that, I was delighted that they assembled the bed and the dining table, and unpacked the garment boxes for us!
  • Everything was done by six o'clock. We paid the guys, hugged each other, and went in search of dinner.

And now, a year later, it's home, sweet home.