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Rescued Pictures

One year ago today was my last day of work at my old job. I looked up that date in my archives here -- there is an entry for a year ago today, but it's a draft, a holding area for some pictures that I had on my work computer. (I wasn't sure if I had them on my home computer, so I posted them here on Typepad.) I figured it was about time to finish that draft, so let's take a look, shall we?

In this one, I was giving a talk on storytelling at a Washington, DC chapter meeting of the STC. It was a fun talk! Yes, that's Mom and I on the slide; I used our StoryCorps experience as a theme.


This sign is in Sacramento, California at the westernmost end of US Route 50. The lovely and talented Bev sent it to me shortly after I posted a picture of the easternmost end, in Ocean City.


Here is the headstone of The Great Huberto, one of the best wire dancers ever. I was on two circuses with him and his partner, Marcella. I wrote this entry about his tightwire act. I got an email with this picture from another circus person who happened across that entry, and I'll be grateful forever for that.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Mom and me. We are at the Honors Banquet of the STC Summit in 2004 in Baltimore. I was getting my Fellow award and was able to invite Mom and my brother to the ceremony. She was 92, almost 93, and still very active and vital. I think it was one of the few times that I really impressed her! (It was also the last time I wore high heels.)


Finally, a picture of my pal Elmo. Another friend of mine (Andrea??) took this shot during our trip to New Orleans to help rebuild. I didn't work on this particular project -- at a food bank, packing food -- but I wish I had been, just to see Elmo make this face!


So -- an eclectic collection indeed! But I am really glad that I saved them.