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Visiting Santa Redux


After staring at a blank post for a couple of minutes, I asked Joe what I should write about. He looked at me and said, "Write about your first visit to Santy Claus."

Well, I kinda already did that. So instead of writing about my first visit, I shall wander down the dusty roads of my memories and talk about a few other visits to St. Nick.

First up, 1956. here's my older brother and I with yet another pervy-looking Santa. This guy looks like he just woke up after a three-day bender! At least my brother didn't have to sit on his lap. I was four years old here, swathed in my snowsuit. (I hated that damn snowsuit.) Come to think of it, that snowsuit probably provided a layer of protection from who-knows-what.

 Dec 3, 2014

Next, let's leap ahead three years to 1959. My brother has exited the scene, but there's my younger sister on the left. At least this Santa looks benevolent and jolly! I do remember that plaid dress; I thought it was quite chic with its fancy bib in the front there. I'm glad Mom let us take off our coats! By this time I was sporting the ponytail that I would keep through fourth grade while my sister got the pixie cut.

Dec 3, 2014

Finally, we fly into the late 70s, when I was still clowning around. I managed to get a holiday gig at a local, failing mall. I'd walk around and juggle, eat fire, and do some solo clown gags every couple hours in the center of the mall. Santa was a nice young guy, so we kind of struck up a friendship, us against mall management. Naturally, I had to have my picture taken with Santa.

Dec 3, 2014