St. Mary's Villa
A Little Sketch

New Beginnings

Today's prompt:

What has happened during the past year that has felt like a new beginning for you?


The whole year has been a new beginning, which started when I got a LinkedIn email from a woman I worked with at the software company telling me about a possible opportunity. (Aw, fuck it - the "software company" is Manugistics. The company doesn't exist anymore.)

I had my first interview on December 11.

I got the job on February 6 and gave my notice on February 10 -- to make sure I'd get my bonus.

We found our apartment on February 16.

I started my new job on March 3.

We moved from Burtonsville MD to Eagleville PA on March 15.


We successfully navigated the PennDOT bureaucracy.

We lived through a flood!


We have explored -- and continue to explore -- many breweries!

We found a great place for music! And we saw Paul and Fred and the New Orleans Suspects!


We went to some very interesting places, including a great Phillies game.

We sold our house in Burtonsville. It took forever, but now it's done.

I could go on and on and on. Let's just say that this Big Adventure, which started with an email, is now a way of life -- or really, a continuing adventure.