A Little Sketch
Christmas Passed

Let There Be Light!


A little while ago I posted this on Facebook:

Joe has gone to work and I have turned on every damn light in the house.

The two are only slightly related. Joe, you see, prefers area lighting. A lamp here, a lamp there... maybe turn the track lighting to low. Keep the light over the stove on low.

I, on the other hand, crave light. Turn on those bright overhead lights! Put hundred-watt bulbs in the lamps! Open the curtains and blinds and let that sun shine in! The suhhh-unnnn shiiiine in!

It seems like most folks hate Daylight Savings Time; not me! I love the long days. I cannot stand four o'clock sunsets. I celebrate the lengthening days. One of our yearly rituals is to remark on the time of the sunset -- "Look! It's six o'clock and still light outside!', "Hey! It's almost eight-thirty and the sun just starting to set!", and similar exhortations of joy.

I have decided that I have mild seasonal affective disorder. Somehow, lots of light makes me happy! One year we had two weeks straight (maybe longer) of overcast skies and rainy days. On the first day of blue sky and sunlight, I went out to lunch at a joint where I could sit right by the windows to absorb as much light as I could!

And yes, I do have a lightbox. Joe bought it for me one dreary winter. I sit in front of it during breakfast. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but it helps.

So, on this gray, rainy Christmas Eve, I went around our wee apartment and flipped on all of the overhead lights and various lamps. Whee! After a couple of minutes basking in the brightness, I wrapped the Christmas presents. Now I'm going to make some Gingerbread Biscotti. Then I'll return the house to its area lighting best, because the Christmas tree lights look best when the room is darker.

Merry Christmas Everybody! May you have all the light you want, whether it's bright and beautiful or low and romantic.