Storm Coming!

I Do Not Love a Rainy Night

It's been raining all day, a cold, steady rain, enough to make me nervous about flooding. When Joe left for work I walked down the hall to look out the front window of the building. The river is still behaving itself, but it's definitely high. (I kinda wish I were!)

This type of cold, December rain is my second-least favorite type of winter weather. (My least favorite is freezing rain.) It makes for such a gloomy, dark day. When you combine gloomy dark days with sundown occurring at an insanely early hour, you might as well just stay in bed.

Believe me, I thought about it!

The rain will end, though, and the sun will come out again. And then we have an impending nor'easter coming our way -- joy! I hope the river has a chance to relax back into its bed before that one.

The cat is sleeping on the desk right next to me. She does not particularly like it when I work on the computer. Sometimes she'll stare at the screen, watching that elusive mouse roam around and puzzling over the strange human hieroglyphics that appear like magic. Other times she crouches at the edge of the desk and bats at my hands as they move across the keyboard. The other day she draped her arm over mine, as if to say, "Come on, now. Why are doing this when you have me to pet?"


Dec 6, 2014
Pet me. Now.

Why indeed.

Okay, enough whining. Our wonderful neighborhood ice cream shop had peppermint stick ice cream as a "flavor of the day" yesterday, so of course we snapped up a quart. I think a couple of scoops of that with some of their stellar hot fudge might make for an excellent dinner.