I Do Not Love a Rainy Night
It's a Little Pitchy

Storm Coming!

Here's the weather map for the mid-Atlantic region for this coming Tuesday.


When we lived in Maryland, it seemed like we were always straddling the rain/snow line for all the winter storms. Apparently this has not changed much. Although Philadelphia appears to be just inside the "wintry mix" area, we are just a bit northwest and therefore right on the line.

The weather gurus are also forecasting heavy rain and coastal flooding, oh joy. Ever since the Mighty Schuylkill flooded last spring, I get kinda hinky when there's a lot of rain in the forecast. I'm not particularly eager to reenact our midnight ride (and walk back) down the Schuylkill River Trail, especially in December. It hasn't happened again, thankya Jesus, but I'd rather not test my nervous system like that.

I think the weather gods must have read yesterday's post and decided to punish me for complaining about cold rain. "You don't like cold rain? Okay then, how about some nice wintry mix??"

Wintry mix. Time to stock up on milk, bread, and toilet paper!

I think, though, that we already have the appropriate adult beverage on hand.

Dec 7, 2014