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A Valley Forge Visit

Christmas Passed

Oh, hello!

So... Christmas happened, and it was lovely. Originally, we were going to go to my younger sister's house for the traditional family Christmas Eve dinner, but we didn't. It was pouring rain when Joe got home from work. Traffic was a mess. It would have been a white-knuckle flight for two and a half hours and we would have arrived exhausted and frazzled.

I was sad about missing it, but not sad about not travelling.

Of course, Christmas dawned sunny and bright and not even cold, so our trip to Ocean City was uneventful (yay!). We arrived noonish and SonnyeBoy arrived shortly afterward. Then we had Christmas!! It was swell. Because SonnyeBoy had to be at work (yes, on Christmas!) at six pm, we headed out for lunch to the only place that was open in Ocean City on Christmas Day: Rosenfeld's Jewish Deli! (Their slogan? "Fill your belly with some Jewish deli!") It was delicious.

Later on, Joe and I headed over to my niece's house in Ocean Pines for a big old Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. More deliciousness! And -- my nephew-in-law lit up their house in an amazing fashion. Behold!

Dec 29, 2014

On Boxing Day we got back together with SonnyeBoy and saw The Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing, who was instrumental in breaking the German's Enigma code during World War II. It's an excellent film. Afterward, I mentioned that I would like to read the book that inspired the movie. We went to a nearby Barnes and Noble to get some coffee. SonnyeBoy disappeared. When he reappeared, he handed me the book! Bonus!

Alas, Joe had to work yesterday, so we packed up and came on home. But not before having lunch with my older sister and more family!

So even though we had to miss one part of the family, we did get spend the Christmas days with another part of the family. I'm hoping we'll be able to get together with everyone else soon.

Now I'm looking forward to my first long vacation from work. You know what's odd to me? I'm not dreading going back to work! Now that's a nice present!