Of Course

Achievement Unlocked!

So... remember when I said I wanted to get ornaments, decorate the tree, make cookies, drink spiked cider, and listen to Messiah?

"Why yes," I hear you cry, "how'd that pan out?"

Well may you ask!

Saturday I got distracted by the checkbook and watching Gaslight on TCM, a movie wherein Charles Boyer tries to drive Ingrid Bergman crazy but Joseph Cotten saves the day. It's really good! I got my act together after that and made Gingerbread Biscotti -- a fine interpretation of Christmas cookie. It was actually easier than I thought it would be!

Achievement Unlocked: Christmas cookies made!

Today we went to a holiday brunch sponsored by the property management company. It was fun! Santa Claus even made an appearance. I got a candy cane (from Santa) and an umbrella (from the property management company).

After brunch, we got the tree and the pine roping out of the car and carried them up to our apartment. Joe got the new tree stand ready as I dug out the lights. I couldn't find any of our old ornaments, though. But! Joe had thoughtfully bought a box of lovely blue balls (heh) and hangers.

Achievement Unlocked: Lights and Ornaments!

Our angel tree topper was too big for the dear little tree, though. It fit fine, but it listed heavily, making the poor angel look like she had indulged a little too freely in the eggnog.

Then I remembered the wee origami wreath I made many years ago. Perfect!

Achievement Unlocked: Tree decorated!

Dec 14, 2014
Small but Mighty!

 Bonus Achievement: Balcony decorated with pine roping and lights!

And while I did not drink spiked cider or listen to Messiah, I did drink hot chocolate and listen to Christmas music. I shall not rest on those laurels, however. Cider and Messiah still to come!