Cleaning, Not Cleaning
11 Years of Holidailies!

A Beautiful Day in New Hope

Last Sunday was a gorgeous fall day -- cool and crisp and breezy -- a road trip was definitely in order! Luckily, our great good friends and area experts Michael and Maria invited us to accompany them to New Hope, Pennsylvania, so off we went!

New Hope is a funky little town on the shore of the Delaware River. It's full of good restaurants, historical buildings, and scads of shops, with everything from high-end artisan jewelry to wax lips. One of the attractions is a steam train ride on the New Hope and Ivyland railroad. Although we didn't ride it, we did see it roll into the station from our vantage point at the Triumph Brewing Company. (Hey, the research must continue.)


Oct 21, 2014
New Hope and Ivyland Train Station

After a delicious lunch (with really really good pumpkin ale), we started our tour of the town. Not only did we walk all around New Hope, we also crossed the Free Bridge over the Delaware River and did a brief sojourn through Lambertville, New Jersey. It's really neat walking across the bridge -- of course it helps that the view down the river is spectacular.

Oct 21, 2014
View from the Free Bridge

 We could not resist taking pictures at the state borderline. Come on, you wouldn't be able to, either!

Oct 21, 2014
Michael in Jersey; Joe in Pennsylvania

Back in Pennsylvania we walked some more, past the famous Bucks County Playhouse, where many Broadway shows got their start.

Oct 21, 2014
Bucks County Playhouse

We did check out several shops, including one featuring hand-made crafts. I fell in lust with a stunning sterling silver cuff with etched leaves. I threw caution to the wind and asked how much it was. The sales associate pulled it out of the display case as she said, "Oh, this is by a wonderful New England artist and designer..." "It's beautiful!" I exclaimed. As she started to put it on my waiting wrist, she added "...and it's $865.00." I snatched my arm back and replied, "And you can put it right back in the case. Oh well! Even though I didn't get a lovely new bracelet, we had a lovely time. Where to next?? Time will tell!