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A Beautiful Day in New Hope

Last Sunday was a gorgeous fall day -- cool and crisp and breezy -- a road trip was definitely in order! Luckily, our great good friends and area experts Michael and Maria invited us to accompany them to New Hope, Pennsylvania, so off we went! New Hope is a funky little town on the shore of the Delaware River. It's full of good restaurants, historical buildings, and scads of shops, with everything from high-end artisan... Read more →

Cleaning, Not Cleaning

Joe's had to work both yesterday and today, so I cleaned my bathroom. Now it smells like a clean bathroom should -- heavy with the scent of Swiffer WetJet with notes of Soft Scrub and Wndex. So pleasant! One thing about this apartment is that it is far less dusty than our old house. That place attracted dust like Justin Bieber attracts tween girls. (Or maybe he doesn't anymore -- I may be behind on... Read more →