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A Beautiful Day in New Hope

Cleaning, Not Cleaning

Joe's had to work both yesterday and today, so I cleaned my bathroom. Now it smells like a clean bathroom should -- heavy with the scent of Swiffer WetJet with notes of Soft Scrub and Wndex. So pleasant!

One thing about this apartment is that it is far less dusty than our old house. That place attracted dust like Justin Bieber attracts tween girls. (Or maybe he doesn't anymore -- I may be behind on my teen heart throbs.) I'd dutifully dust away one day and it would be right back the next.

It's interesting -- I don't miss that house at all. Several people said to me, "Oh, you've been there so long! I bet you'll miss it! It has so many memories!" Well, no. First of all, the house doesn't have the memories; I do. To me, it was a place to live.

I do admit that I sometimes miss being close to DC. Sometimes I forget how far away I am -- just this morning I read Bev's latest entry about meeting up with all of her Facebook friends and I started to comment "Next time you're in DC..." . I caught myself in time, though, and wrote "Philly" instead.

Anyway. I cleaned the bathroom. I'm going to switch around stuff in drawers next. I appropriated the old stereo cabinet and turned it into a photo album repository, but the bottom drawer is full of cables and electronic doodads (far fewer than before we moved). Meanwhile, a drawer in the TV stand is full of envelopes of photos and negatives. This nags at me, so I'm going to switch it around in a minute. That's going to take all of, oh, a minute -- unless I start looking at the pictures, which I probably will, so there goes an hour!

I had big plans to start cleaning out and reorganizing the file cabinet, but I opened a drawer and gave up. The first few stuffed file folders were all Mom stuff. I don't know how long to keep all that paperwork and I get tired just thinking of going through it. So I leafed through my "Jokes and Cartoons" folder instead and had a giggle. Maybe next weekend. Maybe not.

It's a crisp, fall day here by the river. I think I"ll take a walk, have some lunch, and take a nice, long shower in my antiseptic bathroom.