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After dinner this evening I strolled over to the clubhouse and got myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, I can go on over there anytime I want and fix myself a hot cup of Starbucks coffee. I strolled on back and sat on the balcony with Joe as the evening settled in. It's nice. Also nice? I finally got the checks from closing Mom's bank accounts. I guess Bank of Amerika decided that they didn't... Read more →

Goodbye My Friend

Death comes in threes, they say. Robin Williams. Lauren Bacall. And the third? For me, the third was not a celebrity. My old friend and high-school classmate, Mary Barnard, died this evening of breast cancer. She had been fighting the disease for years, but just lately, within the last few months, it became clear that her stay here on the physical was drawing to a close. She was admitted to hospice yesterday, and this evening... Read more →

Sunday Stealing: 13 Things

This one looked like fun, and it's Sunday, and I'm feeling lazy. 1. Outside my window… is the balcony. It's quite large! It gets a full blast of afternoon sun, however, so it gets pretty toasty on a warm day like today. But in the early morning or evening, it's delightful. I like watching the moon appear from behind our building. It sneaks out and shines on the river... beautiful. 2. I am thankful… that... Read more →

Family Matters At The Beach

Whoa. Three weeks. Sorry about that! We had our mini family reunion and crab feast the last weekend of July -- my Facebook friends already saw the pictures -- and it was grand! I took Friday and Monday off so that we could avoid some -- not all, of course; I know better than that! -- traffic. Sure enough, we crawled around Wilmington. Most of the rest of the way was smooth sailing, except for... Read more →