Goodbye My Friend
Here Kitty Kitty Kitty


After dinner this evening I strolled over to the clubhouse and got myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, I can go on over there anytime I want and fix myself a hot cup of Starbucks coffee. I strolled on back and sat on the balcony with Joe as the evening settled in.

It's nice.

Also nice? I finally got the checks from closing Mom's bank accounts. I guess Bank of Amerika decided that they didn't need additional documentation once they got the notarized letter. I'm glad that's over. I cleaned out the blue steel file box too -- I realized that I still had Mom's wallet in there, complete with ID, credit cards, and Medicare card. Goodbye, all that. The box now holds our personal documents -- passports (even though they're expired), birth certificates, marriage certificate -- all that stuff. I didn't pitch everything. I kept a few file folders of memories that I couldn't quite bring myself to throw away, like my Pop's Navy service record and discharge.

I feel like closing her accounts and depositing these checks (the vast sum of 55 bucks and change) ties that final knot, neat and clean. It's done. Whew.