Diva Challenge 169
Let's Just Set That Hoop On Fire, Shall We?

Of Apartments, Work, and Beer

Here I am, typing away in our cute little office, with our newly hung woodcut of Frank Zappa hanging on the wall to my left and the cat all bread-loafed on top of the printer. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is on the TV -- I can see and hear it just fine from here.

I really love our apartment. It's just big enough -- we have plenty of room to move, yet not enough room to collect "stuff". The stuff we do have fits just right. Every morning we open the door to the balcony and the cat goes out to observe the goings-on in the neighborhood and to annoy the birds.

Joe is at work -- not LL Bean as it turns out, but at the cigar store in the mall. The manager at LL Bean either mislaid his paperwork or flaked on sending it to corporate HR, then tried to wriggle out of admitting it. We found this out when Joe went happily off to work and could not clock in. (The manager clocked him in on his first day; on his second, he was off site as part an Outdoor Discovery team.) When he called the employee hotline, they told him that there was no record of him, and that he was not allowed to work. So he didn't. The manager was on vacation, so the assistant said that he would be sure to have her call and tell him what was going on. Unfortunately, Joe actually had to call her to find out what was going on. She never even apologized for the snafu, so Joe decided to walk away from that mess.

He walked into the cigar shop, and the store owner hired him on the spot. He really likes the boss, he really likes the store, and he really likes his coworker. It's all good!!

I'm really liking my job too. Just yesterday my boss came over to tell me that our request for two more writers finally got approved, and I'm the hiring manager. Woot! I also got them to buy a new authoring tool (Madcap Flare, for my STC peeps out there). I'm having a ball digging into it and learning how to make it bend to my will. (And I'm also getting a crash course in XML/HTML/CSS.)

Meanwhile, the great brewery research project continues! So far, we have visited:


We still need to try Yards Brewing Company and Conshohocken Brewing Company, but we will; oh yes, we will.

That last one in the "Visited" list is kind of an outlier, because it is not in the Philly area, no no. It is in Ocean City Maryland! They just opened last weekend and we just happened to be in OC for the weekend. So it was like an order! Alas, they did not yet have their own beers on tap, so we will have to go back to perform an official evaluation. Tough work, but I'm ready for the challenge.