Funk It Up
Weekend Expeditions

Roads and Risks

This week two of my favorite people have written about choices and risks -- making them, taking them -- wondering what would have happened had a certain choice gone another way or a certain chance had been had not been taken.

I can relate.

What if I'd given in when my mother wanted me to stay home rather than join the circus? For one thing, I would not -- could not! -- have written my book. More than that, I would not have learned so much about people, about life.

What if I had stayed with a circus career? I took my first real "day job" thinking it would be strictly temporary, just something to earn some spending money while I looked for the next gig. That "temporary" job with a software company turned into a rewarding and challenging career in technical communication. More importantly, it led to me meeting Joe.

Speaking of Joe, what if I had not accepted that first date? I would not have experienced the joy of a long marriage, with all of its unique highs and lows. And of course, I would not have SonnyeBoy!

In 2002, I wrote a post (on Diary-X, so it's gone now or I'd link to it) about taking a leap of faith. I was about to take a new job after 16 years, and I knew that it was time. I knew that I had to close my eyes and jump into the future, trusting that it was right.

It was, of course; it stayed right for 10 years. Then, just this year, I chose again. I chose to treat my depression. When I came out of that dark place, I chose to jump again -- to a new job, a new home, and a brand new adventure.

I knew, in my heart, that it was right. Right for me, right for Joe, right for us. Yes, I miss my family and friends back in Maryland, but it's not that far away. Yes, it was stressful to declutter, to pack up, to move, to get my Pennsylvania driver's license, but we have also found new places to explore and new things to do, new restaurants to try and new woods to walk in.

Sooner or later, the next fork in the road, the next choice, the next leap of faith will come along, and I will once again close my eyes and leap. But for now, you can find me here, in my lovely, cozy, just right apartment.