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Funk It Up

 Day before yesterday I saw a posting on the Little Feat Facebook page. I casually mentioned it to Joe -- "Hey, Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett are appearing at the Ardmore Music Hall tomorrow!' -- and then forgot about it and went to work.

A couple hours later I got a text: "We've got two tickets to the Ardmore Music Hall for tomorrow's show!"

Is it any wonder that I love this man?

So we trundled on over to Ardmore right after work. We got there with plenty of time to have a beer and a snack (candied bacon!) at Tired Hands Brewing Company, then we ambled on back to the hall. While we were waiting in the lobby for the doors to open, Paul Barrere came in to talk to the house manager.

There he was. Maybe two feet in front of me, his fangirl for 40 years. Then he turned around an smiled and I got up the gumption to say, "Paul?" He. shook. my. hand. Then I proceeded to gush about how we'd been at the original Waiting for Columbus concert, the "return" concert in the 80s, and about a thousand other Little Feat shows.

And Paul Barrere said to me: "Damn, you don't look old enough for that!"

And then I died and went to heaven.

Okay, not really. But he did tell us about the show, how he and Fred would do an acoustic set, then the Suspects would blow us away, then Paul and Fred would join the Suspects to finish up the night.

I floated into the hall, we grabbed a table right up front, and had drinks and snacks while we waited for the show to start. It's a great little venue, with a nice stage, a dance area right in front, a small seated dining area, a nice long bar, and a balcony with more seating and another bar. (For you DC folks of a certain age, it's kind of a cross between the Cellar Door and the Birchmere. Yeah, sweet!)


And then the party started! Paul and Fred lit it up, playing most of my Little Feat favorites with just two instruments (two guitars, guitar and mandolin). Just simply wonderful. I sang along, I danced in my seat, I even got a little misty. You know, mem'ries and all that.


 After a short break, the New Orleans Suspects took the stage and proceeded to lay down the tightest and funkiest wall of sound the likes of which I have not heard in years. It was great!! The dance floor filled up immediately, which meant we couldn't exactly see the band real well, but we were thoroughly entertained by an old skinny hippy with a shock of pure white Albert Enstein hair who vibrated and boogied the whole night! The 60s were quite clearly very very good to him.

Then Paul and Fred came back and whoa. Just WHOA! Paul was right; they blew us far, far away.


Alas, our ages did catch up with us. Toward the end of the night the music went from loud and great to really loud and a little painful, our bodies were longing for bed, and our boogie shoes developed holes in the soles. The spirits were very willing, but the fleshes (?) were just a wee bit too weak. So we slipped out before the end and made our way home.

But you can bet I'll be adding some New Orleans Suspects music to my iTunes library. (I've already got lotsa Little Feat.)

Here's a sample of one of their brand new tunes. Take a listen! I dare you not to move.