There's Gonna Be A Floody, Floody

Ten Things from a Busy Weekend

1. Saturday was a beautiful day for a yard sale! The property manager here organized a community yard sale, so we ponied up $15 bucks for a table. Even though we dumped, recycled, donated, and otherwise got rid of an enormous amount of stuff before the move, it was still easy to rustle up a table's worth of sellable stuff. The best sellers by far were Joe's old tools, which were snapped up by one guy in particular. I let two little girls pick out a necklace apiece (so cute!); a few of the old silverplate pieces found new homes; and an old boom box, subwoofer, and mismatched speakers will provide music at a vegetable stand. But the best sale was when a nice guy bought our old IKEA lounge chair. Whew! It really took up a lot of space, so it was great to see it adopted. All in all, we cleared about $80 bucks!'

2. We got to chatting with our fellow sellers during the sale, and one lovely woman recommended a restaurant in nearby Wayne. So of course we went there for lunch! It's called Teresa's Next Door -- it's a splendid little bar and grill with a wide selection of craft beers and ciders. I had a duck salad that was pretty spectacular, but the dessert was to die for. It was just a simple hot fudge sundae with chopped almonds, but oh, the fudge was divine!

3. We took a little walk around town after lunch and discovered the Harvest Bakery. We bought a loaf of honey wheat bread, a loaf of cranberry orange bread, and got a cinnamon breakfast loaf for free!

4. Wayne has some pretty imposing churches, big old stone houses of worship -- gorgeous.

5. It also has a very amusing sign. Well, amusing to us anyway. I'm sure the "M" stands for "miles" and the "P" stands for "Philadelphia," but because Joe and I are 8 years old at heart, we read the "P" differently...


6. When we got home we took a long, lovely walk along the Schuylkill River Trail, which just happens to run right behind our apartment complex. Imagine that!

7. On Easter Sunday we had cinnamon breakfast loaf for -- well, breakfast. It was heavenly, as food on Easter ought to be.

8. Then we went to IKEA, because I've been hankering for a place to keep my shoes. We bought two of these. Even though they are not, strictly speaking, for shoe storage, they work perfectly and look good too!

9. When we got home, I assembled my Malm. I only hammered my thumb once, and put a Malm piece on another Malm piece backwards twice, so I call that a huge success!

10. In between and all around this weekend of fun-filled activity, we watched an awful lot of playoff hockey. Even though my boys missed the playoffs this year, I still love watching the Stanley Cup games. Go Ducks Habs Jackets Wings Blues Sharks Avs and (dare I say it?) Flyers!!