Licensed and Registered
Ten Things from a Busy Weekend


This is my birth certificate. It is the only birth certificate that I have ever had. I got my passport with it. My new job accepted it as proof that I was a citizen.


And look at cute little tootsies!


You'll remember that I was unable to switch over my driver's license when Joe did because PennDOT would not let us pay for both licenses with one check. So I went back today, with my envelope full of all the bells and whistles that PennDOT required to issue said license:

  • the correct form, completed and signed,
  • my Social Security card,
  • a check,
  • two proofs of residence (I brought three, just in case), and
  • my birth certificate.

Joe opted to wait outside in the car -- I don't blame him -- while I braved the "Do NOT use any electronic devices" and "SORRY! Check or money order ONLY!" waiting room. I pulled number 18. They were on number 95, which meant there were 23 people ahead of me.

I did a little Zentangling to pass the time, and finally my number was up.

Boy, was it up.

I pulled out my birth certificate.

"You can't use that one. That's from the hospital. We need the one from the Bureau of Vital Statistics," said Mr. PennDOT.

"Seriously? I got my passport with it! It's got a raised seal, just like YOUR WEBSITE said it has to have! It's the original!" I pleaded.

"Do you have your passport?" he offered helpfully.

"It's been expired for a few years," I admitted.


Yeah, I bet you're sorry.

So I advised him to update the website. Then I left in a huff. (Or a minute and a huff.) Then I filled Joe's ear with a colorful string of expletives as we went home.

Once we got home, I went online and immediately ordered a certified copy of my birth certificate from the state of Maryland. IT WAS REALLY EASY TO DO! One search, one click, fill out the form, pony up f'ing $90.00 (!!!!!). Then I wait for an email telling me how to submit a copy of my ID, then I submit a copy of my ID, then I wait 15 to 25 days.

Then I go back, once again, to PennDOT. I can't wait.