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There's Gonna Be A Floody, Floody

So... there's a disadvantage to living next to a river.

It's been raining hard since yesterday evening, as it has all up and down the east coast. This afternoon I got an email from the property manager telling us that we needed to move our cars away from the riverside lot, the spaces in front of the riverside buildings, and the garages for those buildings.

Here's why. This is the riverside parking lot. When I got home at 5:30, the water was still in the Schuylkill River; two hours later, it has overtopped its banks and is still rising. It is supposed to crest at about 4:00 am.

The house in the background is part of an upscale riverfront community. It's up on stilts, so I suspect it will be fine. However, I pity the poor sap who didn't move his camper van; the water was over the axles when I saw it.

Apr 30, 2014
The parking lot.

Normally these trees line the riverbank -- not tonight! The river is really racing and there are many branches and other debris sailing briskly along toward Philly.

Apr 30, 2014

We are fine -- we are on the third story of the building. The garage is the ground floor, and it is built to take floodwaters if it comes to that. Still, we're keeping an eye on things. If we have to flee, we will -- I just hope we don't have to swim.