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There's Gonna Be A Floody, Floody

So... there's a disadvantage to living next to a river. It's been raining hard since yesterday evening, as it has all up and down the east coast. This afternoon I got an email from the property manager telling us that we needed to move our cars away from the riverside lot, the spaces in front of the riverside buildings, and the garages for those buildings. Here's why. This is the riverside parking lot. When I... Read more →

Ten Things from a Busy Weekend

1. Saturday was a beautiful day for a yard sale! The property manager here organized a community yard sale, so we ponied up $15 bucks for a table. Even though we dumped, recycled, donated, and otherwise got rid of an enormous amount of stuff before the move, it was still easy to rustle up a table's worth of sellable stuff. The best sellers by far were Joe's old tools, which were snapped up by one... Read more →


This is my birth certificate. It is the only birth certificate that I have ever had. I got my passport with it. My new job accepted it as proof that I was a citizen. And look at cute little tootsies! You'll remember that I was unable to switch over my driver's license when Joe did because PennDOT would not let us pay for both licenses with one check. So I went back today, with my... Read more →

Licensed and Registered

If you want to get a new driver's license, register your car, get a copy of your title, or anything else to do with your car and your driving privileges in Maryland, you go to the MVA. One place. Now I'm not saying this is a laugh-a-minute, certainly not. It's a chore at best and a miserable experience at worst, but it's all done at one place. This is not the case in Pennsylvania, oh... Read more →